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About Burton Industries

A leading manufacturer of cool room solutions

For nearly 50 years, Burton Industries have been the leading coolroom panel suppliers in Melbourne. For half a century, we have manufactured coolroom kits, doors and panels for Victoria’s supermarket, hospitality, fast food, agriculture and events industries.

Over the decades, we have set the standards for the coolroom industry. We are proud of our reputation as dedicated, quality coolroom and sandwich panel suppliers, and are as hard-working today as we were 50 years ago. Five decades of experience have taught us to value five traits, which underlie everything we do.


Attention to detail is vital for any coolroom construction. Properly joined panels are a must for an effective coolroom. Our sandwich panels are made with care, expertise and professionalism. This way, we can guarantee accurate construction and quality coolrooms.


Regardless of the size, all coolrooms must be energy efficient. Poorly put together and inadequately sealed sandwich panels just won’t cut it. Whether we construct your freezer room, or whether you purchase a DIY coolroom kit, you can be sure that your Burton Industries panels are of the highest quality, fitting together seamlessly. Fully complying with Australian standards, our sandwich panels are lightweight, strong, hygienic and vermin-proof. Our DIY coolroom kits are easily mountable and cyclone-tested. For all our products, quality is key.


Over the decades, we have improved our insulated thermal panels. We have coupled world class industry techniques with our own product development to stay ahead of Australian industry standards. This way, our coolroom panels last longer and are more effective. Our panel linings are bonded to the EPS core to create a permanent, stable coolroom panel that can stand a wide range of conditions, temperatures and uses with strength and integrity.


We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. To that end, Burton Industries’ coolroom and freezer panels contain no fluorocarbon. We use EPS insulation, which has an emissions reduction/production ratio of 100:1. EPS insulation can also save up to 200 times the energy required in its manufacture. So not only are EPS insulated fridge panels better quality, they are also better for the environment.


We work hard to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with their product. Striving to provide the best quality service, we make sure we are fully transparent from the start, and are willing to address our clients’ needs and concerns at any step of construction. Professional working relationships are at the core of everything we do, whether we are meeting with new clients, old clients, stakeholders, staff, suppliers or other third parties. To start your relationship with Burton Industries, contact us today, or read more about our dedicated team of coolroom panel specialists below.

Our Team

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Worksite Supervisor

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Coolroom Construction Supervisor

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Contracts Director

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Supermarket Coolrooms
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OH&S Transport Manager

20+ years’ experience

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Contract Works Site Supervisor

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Contract Works Supervisor
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Sales Director

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Office Manager

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