Coolroom Doors & Parts for a Variety of Applications

Coolroom doors need to be sturdy and reliable. A frequently visited coolroom can impact plenty of wear and tear on your door. Our sturdy doors are well constructed and built to last. We don’t cut corners on our cool room doors. The door is both the entrance point and the vulnerable point – poor quality doors compromise your cool room temperature consistency.

Quality Coolroom Doors

Burton Industries offer a choice of either hinged (swing) or sliding doors in all sizes. Our coolroom doors are available as part of our coolroom kits, as standalone products, or as part of our coolroom packages. As well as their hardware, such as coolroom door rollers, we make, replace and install sliding and hinged cool room doors. Made-to-order coolr oom doors are also available.

Sliding Coolroom Doors

Coolroom door rollers, smooth running wheels that roll along the track of your sliding door, allow for easy, even opening and closing. Coolroom door rollers make accessing your coolroom easier, and lead to less wear and tear on your door. We recommend installing sliding doors in larger coolrooms, or for coolrooms with less traffic. Talk to us today to ask whether having a sliding door would be right for your coolroom.

Hinged Coolroom Doors

Our hinged coolroom doors are most popular with our public-access clients, such as bottle shops and supermarkets. Light, but nevertheless sturdy, our hinged cool room doors can be opened with one hand. Door closers can be installed to ensure public cool room doors are closed without locking, allowing ease of access both to and from the coolroom.

Burton Industries Coolroom Seals and Safety Mechanisms

With over three decades of experience as coolroom builders, designers and manufacturers, we are Melbourne’s experts in coolroom doors. Whether you choose a hinged or sliding coolroom door, your Burton Industries coolroom door is sure to be long-lasting, strong, stable and safe.


  • The seal is a vital element of your coolroom door. Limiting the damage wear and tear can do to your coolroom door hardware is an important part in protecting not only your coolroom and its contents, but also your refrigeration equipment.
  • Your coolroom seals work with your refrigeration panels to insulate the space, keeping the cold air where it should be. If your seal is damaged, worn or broken, excessive amounts of cool air will escape, potentially ruining your products, and certainly increasing your energy consumption. Burton Industries’ coolroom seals are protected for longer, keeping your coolroom cool. We protect the seal when the door opens and closes, making it last longer. And if your coolroom door is accidentally left open, your coolroom seal will be protected thanks to Burton Industries’ in-door heating cables.


  • All of our lockable coolroom doors are equipped with failsafe emergency releases to prevent any user from being locked in. These include glow-in-the-dark door releases and alarms. Further, our coolroom doors are lightweight, so that they are easy to open from both inside and out. If you have any questions about our coolroom doors, their parts or safety features, contact us today. One of our staff will happily talk to you about the myriad safety precautions we install in our coolrooms, cool room doors and DIY coolroom kits.

Coolroom Parts

Burton Industries have been designing, installing and building cool rooms for decades. As Melbourne’s leading coolroom builders, we know what parts are the best, safest and longest lasting. We stock and use only the highest quality parts in all our coolrooms, coolroom doors and DIY coolroom kits.
We supply and install cool room door rollers, handles, hinges, seals and heating cables. For all your coolroom needs, including cold room kitscoolroom panels and coolroom doors, contact Burton Industries today.

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