Burton Industries' Blast Freezer Panels

Burton Industries manufacture different sandwich panels for different applications. Depending on whether you need a sandwich panel for a coolroom, freezer or blast freezer, for optimal insulation, you will require a sandwich panel performing to a particular thermal standard. At Burton Industries, we have over 45 years’  experience manufacturing insulated sandwich panels for Melbourne’s agricultural, horticultural and hospitality industries. We make insulated sandwich panels for:

  • Air-conditioned spaces (16°C+)
  • Chillers and coolrooms (0 to 6°C)
  • Freezers (-20 to -15°C; -15 to -6°C)
  • Low-temperature holding rooms (-28° to -20°)
  • Blast freezers (-40° to -20°C)

Blast Freezers

Also known as flash freezers, blast freezers cool their contents quickly, rapidly dropping the temperature to prevent bacterial growth. Flash freezing in a blast freezer is one of the most effective, safest means of controlling bacterial growth.

Flash freezing fresh produce helps to retain its freshness and nutritional value. Blast freezers are well below the freezing point of water, so their contents freeze much more quickly. As a result, the ice crystals that form in the freezing process are small, causing less rupture to your products.

Blast Freezer Products

Frozen vegetables, ready meals, meat, poultry and gelato are frozen in blast freezers. From there, products may be moved to freezers or low-temperature holding rooms as per industry standards. While other businesses may store blast-frozen products in larger, commercial freezers, gelaterias and ice creameries use blast freezers right up until point of sale.

The Australian Food Cold Chain Logistics Guidelines 2017 recommend such products be kept at temperatures between -22° and -30°, in other words, in a low-temperature holding room or blast freezer.

Burton Industries Blast Freezer Panels

Blast freezers are used throughout the entire Cold Chain, from processing and packaging, through transportation, through storage, to point of sale. So various sizes of blast freezers are required.

At Burton Industries, we manufacture blast freezer panels for any application. Whether you require an in-store blast freezer, an industrial walk-in blast freezer room, or blast freezer panels for a truck, Burton Industries will be able to meet your needs.

For more information on our freezer panels or to discuss your blast freezer requirements, contact Burton Industries today.

Blast Freezer Panels