Types Of Products That Are Mainly Stored In Blast Freezers

    A whole range of perishable items are commonly stored in blast freezers. These include:
    • Meat
    • Seafood
    • Frozen vegetables
    • Ready meals
    • Poultry
    • Gelato
    • Ice cream
    Many of these goods will be moved to a regular commercial freezer or an industrial freezer once they’ve been snap-frozen in a blast freezer. But, products like ice cream and gelato are usually stored in blast freezers until they’re ready for consumption.

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    Made-To-Order Freezer Room Panels

    At Burton Industries, we understand that not everyone’s setup is the same. That’s why we’re happy to make your freezer room panels to order. All of our panels are strong and durable, lightweight, frameless, free-standing and easy to clean and maintain.
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    Blast Freezers For The Food Industry

    Our blast freezers are perfect for any business that operates within the food industry. Whether you’re a food manufacturer or processor or you own a retail food business, you’ll be pleased with the blast freezers that we manufacture.

    We find that our blast freezers and blast freezer panels are popular with butchers, seafood distributors, ice creameries, supermarkets and processors of frozen vegetables and meals.

    Other Industries That Use Blast Freezers

    Apart from businesses in the food industry, blast freezers are also used in a range of other industries. They are useful for pharmaceutical companies and also chemical manufacturers.
    Blast freezers are used extensively in science and research laboratories to preserve tissue and cell cultures. Essentially, blast freezers are used in cryogenic chambers for this purpose.

    Key Features & Benefits Of Blast Freezers

    Blast freezers offer a range of features and benefits to ensure foods and other products are stored at their peak freshness to maintain the best quality.

    Rapid Freezing For Optimum Freshness

    A blast freezer cools and freezes food products quickly through the use of high-powered compressors that circulate cold air quickly and efficiently. This fast-freezing method helps to lock in nutrients and freshness.

    Blast Freezing Preserve The Flavour And Texture

    Through rapid freezing, the flavour and texture of the food are locked in. This results in no loss of taste and is particularly useful for fresh foods like meats, seafood and pastries.

    Rapid Freezing Can Extend The Shelf Life

    By rapidly freezing foods to lock in freshness, you can extend the shelf life of normally perishable foods for much longer. With the reduction of large ice crystals forming on the food, there’s less likelihood of freezer burn.

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    Freezer Panel Or Freezer Room Supply Only

    Apart from installing a complete commercial freezer room in your facility, we are also happy to supply you with just the freezer panels or the complete freezer room modules so that you can install them yourself. This will include all the panels and the sealants that you’re going to need.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The general temperature range of a standard blast freezer is between minus 22 and minus 30 degrees Celsius. This is considerably colder than a standard freezer.

    A blast freezer has the ability to freeze food very quickly with a continuous high-volume blast of very cold air. This fast-freezing maintains the quality, taste and nutritional value of the food and extends its shelf life.

    This will depend on the type of food that has been blast frozen and can be anywhere from 6 months up to 1 year.

    A standard freezer is normally set at a temperature of around minus 18 degrees Celsius and freezes food at a much slower rate. A blast freezer room is set at a temperature of between minus 22 and minus 30 degrees Celsius and freezes food very quickly with high-powered blasts of cold air.

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