Burton Industries’ DIY Coolroom Kits

Burton Industries have over 40 years in the manufacture, supply and installation of coolrooms, sandwich panels and coolroom doors. We started producing DIY coolroom kits for clients seeking a more affordable alternative to our coolroom installation packages. With factory-prepared fittings, and sealants and mouldings included, all you need is a drill, a blind riveter, and our instructional video to start building your own DIY coolroom from Burton Industries.

Like our custom coolroom installations, our DIY coolroom kits are available in all sizes.

DIY Coolroom Panels

Optimised for high-traffic, long-term use, our refrigeration panels are durable, lightweight and strong. Burton Industries’ freezer panels are available in a range of sizes, and can fit together for any size of coolroom.

We pride ourselves on our mould- and bacteria-resistant, hygienic coolroom panels. Frameless, free-standing and easy-to-clean, our sandwich panels are a must for any coolroom.

For more information on our coolroom panels, visit our coolroom panels page, or contact us today.

Our DIY coolroom kits include:

  • Freezer Panels
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Door
  • Rivets
  • Seals

We can also supply suitable apertures for refrigeration units.

Burton Industries Coolroom Seals and Safety Mechanisms

With over three decades of experience as coolroom builders, designers and manufacturers, we are Melbourne’s experts in coolroom doors. Whether you choose a hinged or sliding coolroom door, your Burton Industries coolroom door is sure to be long-lasting, strong, stable and safe.

DIY Coolroom Floors

When you purchase a Burton Industries DIY coolroom, you have two flooring options: the first, to construct your coolroom floor with the rest of the installation; the second, to have a drop-in floor installed post construction.

Alternatively, our DIY coolrooms can come without floors, provided an alternative (e.g. concrete) is arranged.

DIY Coolroom Doors

As standard, our DIY coolrooms come with hinged doors. Our coolroom doors are lightweight, reliable and easy-to-open, with built-in heating cables to protect the seals. Safety mechanisms are included to ensure ease of access from both inside and outside of the coolroom. For more information about our coolroom doors, contact us today.

Burton Industries

For nearly 50 years, Burton Industries have specialised in coolrooms. We make, install and supply coolrooms and coolroom parts throughout Victoria. Our clients include supermarkets, bottleshops, wineries, restaurants, cafes, festivals, private kitchens and more. For all your coolroom parts, or to discuss starting a new DIY or custom coolroom project, contact us today.

DIY Coolroom Kits