About Our Freezer Panels

    Our freezer panels are designed for ultimate temperature control. They’re thicker than coolroom panels to keep the correct temperature and provide greater insulation. Similarly, the floor panels for your freezer room also provide optimum insulation for your frozen goods.

    The panels have robust seals with inline thermal heaters to stop them from freezing and cracking when the doors are left open. This ensures that they’ll remain fully functional for many years.

    Our customers appreciate that every freezer panel for sale is:

    • Strong, durable and well-insulated
    • Lightweight and easy to erect
    • Easy to clean and maintain

    Burton Industries has been manufacturing freezer panels for over fifty years, so you can rest assured that every freezer panel for sale is built to last and will allow you to create the best cold storage environment that your business needs.

    Freezer Room & Commercial Freezer

    Our freezer room panels and commercial freezer installations are manufactured to maintain optimum temperatures below zero degrees Celsius to ensure your goods are stored in the right environment.

    This makes them perfect for storing a wide range of frozen goods in many different commercial premises such as warehouses, supermarkets, convenience stores and other hospitality businesses.

    Freezer Room Kits

    Our freezer room kits provide an affordable option for commercial businesses who want to save some money by installing the freezer room themselves. When you purchase one of our freezer room kits, you can easily assemble it yourself using just a drill and a blind riveter. We’ll even point you to an instructional video to make assembly as easy as possible. 

    Freezer Room Manufacturing & Installation

    At Burton Industries, we can manufacture your next freezer room to the specifications that you require. We have been making customised freezer rooms for over 50 years and are a trusted supplier of freezer rooms here in Victoria.

    Not only that, but you can rely on our expert freezer room installation service to ensure that your new freezer room is ready for use as soon as it has been installed.

    You’ll also be happy to know that our freezer rooms come with a range of safety mechanisms to help prevent lock-ins and failures. These include alarms and glow-in-the-dark emergency releases. Plus, the freezer doors are lightweight and easy to open from both outside and inside.

    Freezer Rooms and Coolrooms Gallery

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    Freezer Panel Or Freezer Room Supply Only

    Apart from installing a complete commercial freezer room in your facility, we are also happy to supply you with just the freezer panels or the complete freezer room modules so that you can install them yourself. This will include all the panels and the sealants that you’re going to need.

    Plus, we can deliver freezer panels and freezer rooms Australia-wide for you to install yourself.

    So, for any type of freezer room installation or freezer room for sale, be sure to get in touch today.

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