Industrial Walk in Freezer Rooms

Burton Industries’ coolroom solutions also include freezer rooms.

Not only do we provide modular cold rooms for sale, we are also freezer room construction experts. For over 50 years, Burton Industries have been Victoria’s trusted suppliers of industrial walk in freezer and cold rooms.

Like our coolrooms, our freezer rooms are custom built for your requirements. DIY and readymade coolroom kits are also available.

Cold Storage Solutions: Freezer Rooms and Coolrooms

Walk in freezer rooms are different to coolrooms. A coolroom remains at a low temperature to keep its contents fresh. A walk in freezer, however, is set below 0°C. A coolroom keeps vegetables and other perishables fresh, whereas a freezer room is designed to keep things frozen. Depending on your business’s needs, you may require a coolroom, a freezer room, or both.

Because they are colder than coolrooms, freezer rooms are designed a little differently. Freezer panels are thicker than coolroom panels. Similarly, freezer room floors have to have greater levels of temperature control. As cold room construction specialists, Burton Industries are the best situated to answer all of your cold storage questions; we can help you with your freezer room design and answer any questions you have about freezers and coolrooms.


  • Burton Industries are the leading freezer room experts in Melbourne. Our decades of experience have allowed us to refine our freezer and cold room constructions so that our clients get nothing but the best.
  • To ensure your Burton Industries freezers last longer, inline thermal heaters protect our freezer door seals from freezing if the doors are left open. Coolroom and freezer seals work with sandwich panels to trap cold air in the space. Protecting your seals is just one of the many ways Burton Industries freezers are made to last.


  • Burton Industries freezers and coolrooms come with built-in safety mechanisms to prevent lock-ins. Two such failsafe devices are alarms and glow-in-the-dark emergency releases. Our lightweight doors are easy to open from either side. For more information on any of our products, including freezer rooms, contact Burton Industries today.

Burton Industries’ Freezer Rooms, Freezer Panels and More

For over fifty years, Burton Industries have been walk in coldroom specialists. We are Melbourne’s leading experts in all things coldroom, from custom freezer room design, through manufacture to installation and from there to repair and replacement services.

We will talk to you about your coolroom solutions, designing a freezer or coldroom that is right for your needs. Our coldroom construction specialists will then build your freezer for you, or will supply you with the freezer panels, sealants and more for you to construct your coldroom yourself.

For all your coolroom and walk in freezer needs, including cold room kitscoolroom panels and coolroom doors, contact Burton Industries today.

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