Your business coolroom requires careful consideration. Refrigeration is the cornerstone to keeping produce fresh. Whether you’re a Melbourne cafe, butcher, bottle store, fast food outlet, commercial kitchen or restaurant, you need to be sure your coolroom panels are in optimal condition and functioning properly. You don’t want to put your valuable perishable stock at risk. Reliable, cost-effective and easily maintainable coolrooms are a necessity.

Modern technology has made vast strides in the field of freezer panels and, at Burton Industries, we strive to deliver coolroom panels/sandwich boards – across Victoria – that are not only up to Australian Industry standards but also beyond.

Coolroom Panels and Temperature Control

Maintaining a temperature-controlled environment requires coolroom panels that are assembled and sealed properly. Our seals form an effective vapour barrier to keep cold air in and warm air out. Properly joined panels ensure there are no gaps in the structure and energy efficiency is maximised.

Our modern insulated thermal panels have linings bonded to the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core. This ensures that they can withstand a variety of conditions and temperatures without losing structural integrity or physical properties.

After years in the industry – we guarantee accurate construction and care when assembling and manufacturing our sandwich boards. Our panels are tested to ensure they meet (and go beyond) the strict Australian standards

Advantages of Burton Industries Coolroom Panels for Business Owners

  1. Low Maintenance

For business owners – the best aspect of our coolroom panels (besides effective temperature control) – is the low maintenance. The continuous lamination process that adheres thoroughly to both sides of our sandwich panels’ polystyrene core means that they never need painting.

  1. Hygienic

The coolroom panels are hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the Colorbond® Permagard ® steel lining. We recommended a weekly wipe down to keep your cold room ship shape. Dry the panels after.

  1. Lightweight, Strong and Durable

Modern technology allows our coolroom panels to be lightweight, strong and durable whilst always delivering efficient insulation.

Burton Industries Custom-built or Ready-to-order Coolroom Panels

As one of Victoria’s leading providers of cold storage solutions, we can supply custom built or pre-made ready to order panels. You can find more information about our DIY Kits on our website; these kits are easy to assemble and perfect for a home or small business. Alternatively, contact us – we are happy to spend some time discussing your requirements or simply offering you sound advice.

We also replace panels that are damaged or not functioning optimally – don’t let a faulty coolroom panel jeopardise your cold room’s effectiveness.