Coolroom maintenance isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Coolrooms require regular checks to ensure they’re running effectively and efficiently. This includes cleaning rollers, doors and shelving, reporting and fixing leaks, and ensuring the temperature is kept consistent.

Checking your coolroom often means any issues are fixed as soon as possible avoiding any further damage. Follow daily, weekly, and 6 monthly checklists to make sure all aspects of the coolroom are covered.

If you don’t have a consistent checklist or maintenance plan for your coolroom, ask your supplier for advice so you are meeting maintenance requirements. It is important that your coolroom is operating at its optimum level so that your products and produce do not spoil.

Here are some examples of items that require constant attention. Ensure you check these items at intervals suggested by your coolroom specialist.

  • The temperature
  • Used by dates of produce
  • Dirt, spillage, or mould
  • Stock check & the coolroom isn’t overloaded with produce
  • Wipe all surfaces
  • Record leaks
  • Any damage to doors, seals or roller
  • Engage a professional to conduct equipment checks such as: Checking vents and fans functionality and checking condenser and evaporator.

If you carry out your checklists to manufacturers requirements and to suit the products that you are storing, your coolroom will be long lasting and well serving.

Burton Industries Coolroom Maintenance

For over fifty years, Burton Industries have been the walk in freezer specialists. We supply top quality cold room panels to Victoria’s supermarkets, hospitality, fast food, agriculture and events industries.

We understand the importance of coolroom maintenance and as a result our cool room panels are energy efficient and easy to maintain.

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