As one of Victoria’s leading suppliers of coolroom panels, DIY coolroom kits and cool room doors – we give you a few tips on how to ensure your cold room is running optimally.

Monitor Energy Output

If you’ve noticed an unexpected increase in your energy bills, you should check your cold room for any damage or improper sealing. Also, ensure your cold room door is closing and sealing properly

Repair Damage

Compromised structural integrity can stop your cold room working effectively. If you see signs of damage, call us immediately. A worn or damaged freezer panel or cool room panel will increase running costs and may even lead to the spoiling of your merchandise.

Check your Door Seal

Your cool room needs to be fully insulated to ensure the cool air stays in and the hot air stays out. If your door seal has been subjected to lots of wear and tear you will be jeopardising the ability of your cool room to function optimally. Call us if you suspect your door is not working properly. We provide doors that are long lasting, stable and safe. Our doors are equipped with a failsafe so that nobody can be accidentally trapped inside your cold room.

Burton Industries

We supply top quality cold room panels to Victoria’s supermarkets, hospitality, fast food, agriculture and events industries.

Our cool room panels are energy efficient and easy to maintain. They are environmentally friendly and meet strict Australian standards.

We guarantee accurate construction and properly joined panels. With years of industry experience, we never leave a client less than 100% satisfied.

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