If you’re deciding on a blast freezer it’s important to know what purpose they serve for your business. This can impact how you store or transport your products and whether or not they meet the Australian regulations that apply to them.

So why do you need a blast freezer? Depending on your business, it may be extremely important, and this is why.

Allows you to buy in Bulk

Being able to store food safely, allow you to buy food that is in season and store it until you require it. This is beneficial in a commercial kitchen as it enables you to plan more efficiently without having to change the menu due to produce availability.

Reduces waste & extends shelf life

As the blast freezer has the ability to rapidly freeze food, it ensures that the food isn’t damaged during the freezing process and retains its freshness and nutritional value.

So, as a result, it helps to reduce the waste of products that spoil when frozen in a regular freezer. Blast freezers are often used for the following foods:

  • Frozen vegetables
  • Ready meals
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Gelato

Less energy consumption

Cooling food in a regular cool room or freezer can overload the room’s energy consumption and ineffectively cool the food. As blast freezers are designed to cool hot food, the freezer can withstand this process and, as a result, consume less energy.

Commercial Blast freezers are required throughout the entire food industry process. As a result, they can be manufactured for any application, whether it’s required as an in-store blast freezer, an industrial walk-in room, or panels for a truck.

Burton Industries Blast Freezer

At Burton Industries, we supply top quality blast freezers to Victoria’s supermarkets, hospitality, fast food, agriculture and events industries.

We manufacture blast freezer panels for any application. If you have any queries about blast freezers, please feel free to contact us via our website or call us on (03) 9729 8155.