Walk-in coolroom vs walk-in freezer

You may think the terms ’walk-in coolroom’ and ‘walk-in freezer’ are interchangeable but there aren’t, in fact, there are some core differences between the two. They may look similar, but they are subject to very different demands and their applications can vary considerably.

Here at Burton Industries we’ve prepared a brief overview of the key differences

Walk-in coolroom

  •  chills food and beverages
  • temperature tends to remain above the freezing point of water
  • temperatures can range from 2°c to 12°c for produce to use within a few days or -2°c to 5°c for fast perishing produce. For example eggs, vegetables, butter and cheese will likely be used within a few days, but the lower setting would suit, soon to consume, meat.
  • great for fresh produce
  • good for hospital medical supplies

Walk-in Freezer

  • maintains a much colder temperature ensuring everything inside freezes.
  • temperatures of -18°c to -22°c sometimes as low as -40°c
  • unsuitable for products and produce that will be damaged by temperatures below freezing point.
  • Not suitable for produce that needs to be used imminently with no time to defrost
  • Good for the preservation of biodegradable materials
  • Great for prolonging the lifespan of food products and pharmaceuticals
  • Prevents decomposition of laboratory specimens as the cold temperature prevents any microbes from multiplying

Which one do you need?

Of course, it depends on your business, products and requirements. Most foodservice business will require both, but it depends on what you want to store and for how long you want to store it. It will also depend on the temperature range that the products can withstand.

Burton Industries

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