Your coolroom works 24 hours a day to keep your produce correctly stored and the system running effectively and efficiently. However, how do you know if your coolroom requires urgent maintenance? Here are a few issues to consider.


Droplets of water, mould or mildew can indicate that condensation is occurring and your coolroom needs to be serviced. This could be broken rubber seals or a system that is not cooling down effectively.

Unusual sounds

A noisy coolroom means it is time to check your system for faults. Unusual sounds might be caused by a faulty motor, a dirty fan or mechanical issues, yet all these issues require immediate attention from maintenance staff.


Incorrect temperatures or lack of airflow can cause ice to form within your coolroom. The need to constantly defrost your coolroom can indicate that there is a problem within the system.

Higher energy bills

A significant increase in the cost of your energy bill means that your coolroom is not functioning at an optimum level. There are many issues that can be causing this and its best to have your coolroom inspected by a professional to confirm the issue and resolve it.

Spoilt produce

Finding produce that is spoilt or damage is a red flag. This can mean a variety of issues such as damaged seals, problems with temperature gauge or leaking within the coolroom.

If you find any of these issues with your coolroom, ensure you speak with the manufacturer to confirm the issue so it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Burton Industries – Coolroom Maintenance

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