If you’re looking at purchasing a coolroom for your business it’s important to think about the design of your coolroom storage. There are many factors that can affect how you store products. However, the flow on effects involved can not only impact your products storage life but also your budget. This blog explains the main issues that come with poorly designed coolroom storage systems.


Overcrowded shelving can limit air circulation and alter the effectiveness of your coolroom. Produce and products tightly packed against coolroom walls can affect the running costs as this heats the coolroom and forces it to work extra hard to stabilise the temperature.

Wasted space

Similar to how overcrowded storage can have a negative effect on your storage efficiency, so can wasted space. Having a coolroom that is too big for the quantity of products you store is ineffective and costly. Ensure that your keep your store room at least half filled for the coolroom to be effective.

Lighting within coolroom storage

Although lighting is required in your store room to conduct business ensure that it is positioned effectively, the correct bulbs are installed and that you haven’t designed the coolroom with too many lights.

Lighting can emit heat and it is this heat that can change the temperature within the coolroom making your system work harder. So, design your storage lights keeping this in mind.

Ease of access

Ensure you store the most commonly used products in an easy to access space and a clear run for loading and unloading. Keep the coolroom door closed, install a curtain or have strict instructions for staff to keep the door closed. This will change the temperate in the cool room, potentially spoil food and effect the efficiency of the room.

Storage shelves

Using wire shelves is encouraged. This helps maintain air flow and controls the temperature within the coolroom.

Burton Industries Coolroom Storage

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