Not sure whether you need a hinged door or sliding door for a coolroom? When making your choice, there are certain factors that you want to consider. One of these is how often you need to access the coolroom. You also want to consider the size of your coolroom and the type of access that you need.

What Is A Hinged Door?

Hinged coolroom doors have hinges on only one side so that the door swings open either outwards or inwards. This type of door is quite flexible as the hinges can be positioned on either side. They’re perfect for coolrooms in restaurants, supermarkets and hotels.

What Is A Sliding Door?

As the name suggests, a sliding coolroom door operates on tracks that are installed either at the top or the bottom of the door. These allow the door to slide to one side for easy access to the coolroom. These doors are ideal for large coolrooms or ones where vehicle access is needed.

To Understand Which Coolroom Door To Consider, We Need To Review The Application Required

High Traffic Coolrooms

For coolrooms that need to be accessed frequently, like those in commercial food warehouses, a sliding door is usually preferable.

Small Coolrooms With Infrequent Access

A small coolroom that only needs to be accessed occasionally, like those in a cafe or restaurant, will benefit from the use of a hinged door.

Strict Temperature Controlled Coolrooms

Medical facilities and laboratories often have coolrooms that require strict temperature control. For these, a hinged coolroom door is recommended.

Limited Space Coolrooms

Coolrooms in retail establishments such as bottle shops and supermarkets where space is at a premium usually work better with hinged doors as sliding doors are simply not practical in these situations.

Large Coolrooms That Need Vehicle Access

Food storage warehouses often have large coolrooms that need to be accessed by vehicles to move pallets in and out. Sliding doors are particularly suited to these applications.

Why Choose Burton Industries for Cool Room Door Selection

Burton Industries has been in the cool room business for over 50 years. We can supply both types of cool room doors depending on what your needs are. We can even help you with your choice once we understand the type of coolroom you have or need, so why not contact us today on (03) 9729 8155. Plus, we can supply a full range of coolroom panels and insulated panels.

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