At Burton Industries, we often get asked “How does a cold room benefit poultry farms?”.

On a poultry farm, temperature-controlled environments are crucial for the safe storage of chickens or other types of poultry after they’ve been slaughtered.

Chicken meat is very prone to bacteria and spoilage if it’s not kept at the right temperature. That’s why a cold room is so important in every poultry farm. It allows producers to store their chickens in perfect temperature-controlled and insulated environments to maintain the quality and safety of the meat.

Here are just some of the benefits that a cold room provides for a poultry farmer.

A Cold Room Provides A Safe Temperature-Controlled Environment

It’s essential that chickens are chilled to 0 to 4 degrees Celsius as soon as they have been slaughtered. Then they can be packed and moved to a cool room for storage until they’re despatched.

A well-insulated and temperature-controlled cold room is essential for storing these chickens until they’re ready for transport. It stops the meat from spoiling and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Cold Rooms Are Energy-Efficient

Thanks to the optimum insulation of the cool room panels, cold rooms are highly energy-efficient which is important when you’re running a commercial enterprise. It helps to manage your costs while still storing your products in a safe environment.

Cold Rooms Can Prevent Dehydration

Another important benefit of cold room storage is that it can stop the meat from drying out and help to maintain the taste. The constant cold temperatures help to keep the flesh in prime condition.

Cold Rooms Provide Effective Storage Solutions

When set up correctly with racking optimally positioned, a cold room is the most effective storage solution for large numbers of slaughtered chickens. This is important during periods of high demand.

The use of proper racking or shelving is also important so that there’s good airflow between and around the products being stored. Once again, this helps to maintain the quality of the meat.

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