To keep your coolroom running as efficiently as possible and reduce your energy costs at the same time, there are a number of things you should consider.

Here are some top tips that you can use to improve your cool room efficiency.

1. Keep An Eye On Your Energy Usage

Keeping an eye on your energy usage is probably something that you already do. But, if your cool room isn’t as efficient as it should be, you might see a sudden spike in your energy bill. When this happens, it’s important that you check your cool room for any possible leaks or seals that are worn.

2. Inspect Your Door Seals Regularly

Tight-fitting and well-maintained door seals are important to keep your cool room functioning effectively. If the seals become worn or cracked the cold air will gradually leak out and this means that the motor in your coolroom needs to work harder to maintain the correct temperature.

3. Check For Ice Accumulation On The Cooler And on The Walls

A coolroom is not a freezer room or a blast freezer, so there shouldn’t be any ice accumulating around the cooler system or elsewhere on a cool room panel. But, this can happen when the door is constantly opened and there is an air exchange taking place which can produce excess moisture inside the cool room. Any ice around the cooler system will make it work less efficiently.

4. Train Your Staff Not To Leave The Door Open

The constant opening of the cool room door can result in an air exchange inside the coolroom. The warmer air that enters the cool room is usually filled with moisture and this will eventually ice up the cooler system. Therefore, you want to train your staff to close the door as quickly as possible and not to leave it open for an extended time.

5. Install Door Curtains

Door curtains can be very effective at reducing the amount of air exchange when the cool room door is open. They help to provide an additional barrier to keep the cold air in and stop the outside air from entering.

6. Allow Sufficient Air Flow Inside The Cool Room

Inside a cool room, the cold air needs to circulate around the stock in order to keep everything at the optimum temperature. For this reason, you want to avoid stacking boxes right up against the walls as this can inhibit air flow. Instead, use racks and keep these a little distance from the walls and each other.

7. Use An Effective Temperature Sensor

You want to make sure that the temperature sensor that you’re using is working as it should. This means that it should be tested periodically. You also want to ensure that the temperature range setting isn’t too wide or too narrow. Speak to a professional if you’re not sure what the optimum range should be for what you’re storing in the cool room.

8. Make Sure Your Cool Room Uses LED Lighting

LED lights generally don’t produce a significant amount of heat when compared to other types of light bulbs. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that you have these installed in your cool room.


For more advice on how to improve your cool room efficiency, feel free to contact us here at Burton Industries and we’d be happy to help.