EPS coolroom panels are specially constructed panels that can be used for walls and ceilings in coolrooms and other areas that need a temperature-controlled environment. EPS stands for expanded polystyrene and this material is sandwiched in between two sheets of painted galvanised steel.

This type of construction makes these coolroom panels lightweight and highly insulating. They also lock together seamlessly to make installation a breeze.

EPS Coolroom Panels Are Available In Different Thicknesses

These coolroom panels are available in different thicknesses depending on what they are needed for. The thickness range includes:

The standard width of coolroom panels in Melbourne is 1200mm. However, the maximum span of each panel is reliant on the thickness of the panel.

For example, a 50mm thick panel can have a maximum span of up to 3500mm while a thicker panel can have a much larger span.

Coolroom panels for sale in Australia are usually manufactured here and can be made to particular specifications. Or, they can be purchased in their standard formats.

They are also usually available in a range of colours to suit the individual needs of the business or commercial operation.

What Are EPS Coolroom Panels Used For?

These highly insulating coolroom panels have a multitude of uses both commercially and residentially. But, they are mainly used for commercial coolrooms in factories and warehouses that need thermal insulation.

They can be used as walls and also as roof panels so entire commercial coolrooms can be constructed inside a warehouse using these sandwich panels. Even coolroom doors are usually made using these sandwich panels.

This is the perfect cost-effective solution for temperature-controlled storage for a range of different industries.

Storage facilities also use these coolroom panels when they need to provide temperature-controlled storage solutions.

Businesses in the food and drink industry are common users of EPS sandwich panels to create separate storage facilities such as coolrooms, wine storage areas and display refrigeration.

Coolroom panels are also commonly used by agricultural facilities such as fruit and vegetable growers to store produce that has been freshly harvested.

At times, EPS panels are also used in residential properties in carports and patio enclosures to provide thermal insulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using EPS Panels?

There are enormous benefits to using EPS panels for temperature-controlled storage. Firstly, they’re lightweight and easy to install. They can be freestanding and can even be used as load-bearing walls.

Their insulating properties help to save on energy costs and they are strong and durable. EPS panels are also vermin-proof and fireproof to Class A1. Plus, these panels have sound-proofing properties and are waterproof.

EPS panels are extremely useful for load-bearing walls as their construction gives them a high load-bearing capacity. They’re also extremely easy to keep clean and require very little maintenance.

Most importantly, EPS coolroom panels provide a cost-effective solution for temperature-controlled storage for all manner of businesses that need to keep goods at a regulated temperature.

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