There are many factors to consider when selecting a walk in freezer for your business. Aside from the temperature and the type of cool room you require, it’s important to understand the restrictions that can limit the size and shape of freezer you want.

The height of the walk in freezer

The height of your freezer room is restricted by the location of your freezer. If it is intended to be located externally, unsupported panels can reach a wall height of 9.2 metres. However, an indoor walk in freezer will be restricted by the existing ceiling height.

The higher the ceiling the more vertical storage you’ll have, which is especially important if you’re limited by the width or depth of your freezer room.

Ensure easy access

Do you have good access to your walk in freezer door? Does the door open fully? Are you entering in a safe area?

Easy access is important, especially if you’re moving and shifting items with trollies. If you don’t have full access it may mean you to have to lift heavy items yourself which can impact your OH&S strategy.

Walk in freezer power

Make sure that your system can run from the existing power source. Walk in freezers vary in temperatures, size, and height which will affect the power output. To avoid any issues, check your power source and the power required to run your new freezer.

Enough room for produce

Is your freezer room big enough? Having a freezer that doesn’t fit all your produce or products can be frustrating and often cause a loss in profits.

Shifting produce to other freezers or storing them out of the freezer for extended periods of time can mean they’re no longer fit for sale. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing an appropriate size walk in freezer.

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