When designing a Coolroom for your business, it’s important to think about its use, location and functionality. One item that can affect the functionality of your coolroom is the coolroom door. In this blog we discuss hinged doors and sliding doors and what situations they are used in.

Considerations for your Coolroom door

What should you consider when it comes to selecting the door? Well, space plays a big part in the selection of the right door for your coolroom. Having the space to open a swing door without restricting access is important.

Ease of entry should be considered to give you the ability to load and unload the products and goods comfortably. Most coolroom doors are made to order so they perfectly suit your coolroom to the width, height and functionality you need.

Hinge doors

Hinged doors are the most popular style door with commercial companies such as bottle shops and supermarkets. Hinge doors are light, but sturdy, and can be opened with one hand.

Installing door closers to your hinged door means doors are closed without locking, allowing ease of access both to and from the coolroom.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are usually installed in larger coolrooms, or one with less traffic. They are also common when space restricts the use of hinged doors or installation is only available to one side of the door opening. Sliding doors are used when the space is narrow or when vehicle access the coolroom is required.

Tip: Door rollers make accessing your coolroom easier, and lead to less wear and tear on your door.

Why choose a Burton Coolroom door

Burton Industries offer a choice of either hinged or sliding doors in all sizes. Whether you choose a hinged or sliding door, it’s sure to be long-lasting, strong, stable and safe.

We supply and install coolroom door rollers, handles, hinges, seals and heating cables. For all your coolroom needs, including cold room kitscoolroom panels and coolroom doors, contact Burton Industries today.