Cool rooms are commonly found in commercial facilities like restaurants, grocery stores, and even laboratories. They provide large storage spaces and keep anything fresh for a long time. It may seem very handy to have one for your business. However, being an employee working in a coolroom is not very manageable.

As a coolroom is very moist and uncomfortable, maintaining a stable functioning workplace in a freezing enclosed space is not that simple. Being an employee in a coolroom Melbourne facility working eight-hour shifts feels like a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are several ways to maintain a safe working environment in a coolroom.

Safety precautions to improve employee efficiency

Wearing gloves is one of the guidelines to help them cope with the uncomfortable damp condition in a coolroom. Employees commonly disregard this. However, not wearing one hinders the flexibility of the hands and fingers needed for specific tasks.

Provide them with appropriate clothing

Working in wet clothes can be bad for your health. You should provide employees with proper clothing fitting for the freezing temperature. In case they get wet, you should encourage them to change clothes to avoid getting sick.

Proper installation of equipment

Another important measure is to assure the proper installation of condensation reduction equipment. Reduction of moisture can prevent medical issues such as asthma. Doctors commonly believe that mould, more than any other allergen, may be responsible for triggering severe asthma. Being healthy can boost up the performance of your employees.

Internal emergency alarms

Having alarms is vital, especially if an employee gets accidentally locked in the cool room. Cold storage facilities should always have accessible safety measures for emergencies to avoid injuries and potential risks.

Ensure regular maintenance

Proper installation of equipment does not automatically equate to a safe working environment. Ensuring that the facility, more importantly, lighting, locking mechanisms, hinges, and potential leaks, are checked and maintained would guarantee that your cool room is working efficiently.

A cool room has an exceptional temperature range and also a lot of functionalities that allow you to access it with a lot of comfort and productivity. However, it should be in your priority to ensure that your employees are observing proper safety measures in your facility. It will be for the advantage of your business and more importantly, the health of your employees. For a harmonious and prosperous workplace, you should follow the best standards and practices primarily in a frigid, dry coolroom.

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